New Cotton Wick Smoke Chamber Assembly launched

The Cotton Wick Smoke Chamber Assembly is made in accordance with BS EN 54-7:2001, Annex H, and BS EN 14604:2005, Annex H, these assemblies are for use in fire sensitivity tests from the EN 54-7:2000 standard (Clause 5.18) and BS EN 14604:2005 (Clause 5.15). The wick is formed into a ring which is ignited from below and smoulders, producing the smoke required for the fire testing of smoke detectors.

The Cotton Wick Smoke Cabinet Assembly saves valuable laboratory technician’s time in cutting up and putting together the large number of individual cotton wicks in accordance with the specification in the above standards. They also remove any waste that may occur when produced in-house.

The assembly is available with or without an ignition wire, depending on your preference.

For further details please call 0044 (0)1706 360363 or email