Covid 19 Statement – April 2020

Covid-19 trading update


During these unprecedented times, our priority has been the health, safety and well-being of all our employees. To this end, we have been able to agree to furlough a good number of colleagues.

We do, however, have customers engaged in the supply of equipment to the NHS, Network Rail and the Ministry of Defence, among other critical organisations, who have significant demand for our products, and to this end we have a dedicated team working safely and within Government guidelines in terms of social distancing and hand hygiene in continuing to provide our products accordingly.

Our customers in these critical arenas have asked that we remain open and we will do so as long as our services are needed.

We will update this message as often as necessary.

Christopher’s Saving Lives Campaign

Christopher’s saving lives campaign


Ibex Marina Ropes are honoured and humbled to have been involved in helping with the supply of floating ropes to Glasgow City Council as a result of the campaign led by Christopher Spiers remarkable parents.


Please like and share the Facebook page at the link and help spread the word about this campaign to help save lives:




Thank you