3-Strand Rope

Ibex Marina supplies an extensive range of 3 strand rope in synthetic and natural yarns, as well a vast range of assemblies and cut lengths, such as tug-o-war and skipping ropes. We also supply a large range of NSN numbers, both as rope and assemblies.

MBLs quoted are intended as a guide only and are issued without prejudice. Users should always satisfy themselves of suitability for end-use and should build in sufficient safety factors in calculating load-bearing requirements.

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Pre-stretched 3 Strand Polyester

3-strand polyester

Designed for use in a number of low extension applications, the rope is anti-kinking in use, exhibiting lower stretch levels than standard polyester, and having good longevity in use.

Standard 3 Strand Polyester

110-08-0100-00 8mm 3-Strand Standard Polyester

A good all round high tenacity rope for use in many applications where balanced characteristics are required.


Staple Spun Polypropylene 3 Strand

140-08-0220-00 8mm 3 Strand Staple PP White 220m Economic in price and strong, typically used for inland waterways mooring, tarpaulin tie-downs and genral purposes. Staple spun yarns are particularly good at holding knots. Coil length as standard is 220 metres. Polypropylene will float. More >

Split Film Polypropylene 3 Strand

151-06-0050-03 6mm 3 Strand Split Film PP Blu 50mC Economic alternative to Staple Spum Polypropylene, uses are exactly the same. More >

Monofilament Polypropylene 3 Strand

Cost efective alternative, same uses as other 3 strand polypropylenes. More >


Nylon 3-Strand

This Nylon rope is used extensively in areas where higher extension characteristics are required, or where shock loads are present. More >


Natural Fibre 3 Strand Sisal Rope

Used largely in marine and military environments, commonly for mooring, lashing cargo & general handling purposes.


Natural Fibre 3 Strand Manila Rope

95_3 strand manila

Natural fibre rope used extensively in gardening & horticulture, as well as marine environments because of its resistance to salt water.