Sash Cord

Ibex Marina are the leading manufacture of Sash Cord in the UK supplying a high quality product made with the finest yarns from around the world.

Our range of Sash Cord includes the ‘Storm Brand’ which has been manufactured for over 30 years using state of the art machinery. We have the capacity to produce Solid Braided and Plaited Cotton Cords unpolished, polished or waxed. They are also available in Jute, Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene.

Providing this variety of cords enables us to meet customer applications that include sash windows, pulleys, road marking and theatre applications.

To find out more about our sash cord, get in touch with our technical sales team on:

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Solid Braided


Very strong, low stretch and abrasion resistant. Excellent UV stability and acid resistance. Round cross section runs well over pulleys. Performs well under harsh conditions. More >

8 Plait


This high tenacity man-made fibre has very low stretch, full UV degradation resistance, is non-discolouring and rot/mildew proof. The construction gives good abrasion resistance and runs well along pulleys. More >


Solid Braided


Solid braided to ensure excellent abrasion resistance, this man-made fibrous cord provides high strength, good elasticity, chemical, mildew and UV resistance. More >



This 8-plait synthetic fibre sash cord has very high strength and shock resistance, is hard wearing and resistant to mildew. An economic alternative to a solid braid. More >


Solid Braided


Modern fibres providing full resistance to biological attack and excellent chemical resistance. Bright and clean in appearance, can be heat sealed and represents good value for money. More >



This 8 plait construction works well with this clean man-made fibre. Resistant to chemical and biological attack, this cord is becoming a popular choice for value. More >


Solid Braided Polished

sash_cotton-solid-braidedThe classic cord for sash windows with a polished finish. This long established quality cord with round cross section and smooth polished surface is excellent over pulleys and exhibits very good abrasion resistance due to the ‘solid braided’ construction. More >

Solid Braided Polished ‘Red Spot’

sash_cotton-redspotFamous’ Red Spot’ sash cord is another classic product for window applications. Polished Finish and round cross section make it excellent over pulleys and in resisting abrasion. More >


sash_cotton-waxedThe traditional waxed cotton sash cord. Low stretch and high strength due to polycore, The classic ‘C Quality’ cotton sash is the bench mark in the waxed sash cords. The wax finish provides a weatherproof, durable and smooth running cord, efficient over pulleys. ‘C Quality 16 plait construction is our most widely used sash cord. More >



sash_naturalblackNatural Jute has great appeal. The rustic look and tactile fibre is hardwearing and heat resisting. Versatile and easy to tie, these strong 8 plait cords are very popular. Some sizes are available in black, popular in Theatre, TV & Film applications. Natural popular in horticulture
and gardening. More >

Flame Retardant

sash_flameretardentManufactured with our special compound solution, this flame proof sash cord has quickly become an immensely popular product. Tested to FAR 25 853 Appendix F, the treatment is applied to the finished braided product for complete resistance to flame. Also popular in Theatre, TV & Film applications. More >



sash_flaxThe traditional speciality natural fibre sash cord in 8 plait construction. Long standing appeal with good wet strength. This is also popular for use as a Halyard and Log Line. More >

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