Sash Windows

Famous for our STORM brand window sash cords we offer the most comprehensive range of sash cord in the UK.

Diameters are available from 4mm to 10mm and we can WAX or POLISH the sash windows cord,  available on reels, usually 100m and can be 200m or 300m, also in randed hanks (10 x 10m) or (8 x 12.5m) or 30m.

Our cords for sash windows are available in traditional cotton, flax and jute, with man-made fibres polyester, nylon and polypropylene adding to the range. John H. Blakey Ltd., originally from Radcliffe, started our sash cord range and we have taken it forward to today.

To find out more about our sash window products, get in touch with our technical sales team on:

+44 (0)1706 360363