Subsea and Offshore Rope

Today, ROV’s, streamers, umbilicals and craneage systems find uses to take shock loads, add power and damp out snatch or sudden loads by including our subsea and offshore rope, and shock cords in their design.

Our Heavy Duty Shock Cords (Bungee Cords) from 12.5mm to 32mm diameters made to BS 3F70:1991 are allowing designers and engineers to think radically.

The development of Powersprings utilising our shock cord fitted with novel end terminations widens the scope for many applications.

We offer help with design and project work for customers and are well practised to work with R&D engineers to address problems, many of which require bespoke or individual solutions and small batches of the required assembly.

Off- and on-shore wind farms and wave energy generation are some of the newer industries that gain advantage using our subsea and offshore rope.

To find out more about our products can benefit your subsea and offshore applications get in touch with our technical sales team on:

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