Theatre and Entertainment

We manufacture a wide range of black ropes ideally suited to theatre applications.

These can be black polyester, jute, or cotton. Diameters from 4mm to 30mm are available and can be supplied on bulk reels or cut to length.

As well as braided ropes, we also supply 3 strand twisted ropes and super high strength Dyneema® braided ropes for theatre applications.

We also make all black shock cords and assemblies which have many uses.

We have developed a flame resistant jute rope specifically for theatre use.

Among our many customers are some of the most popular soap operas on UK TV today, as well as world-famous entertainment companies, sound equipment suppliers and film studios. Theatrical chandlers also avail of our extensive range.

To find out more about our products for theatre and entainment applications get in touch with our technical sales team on:

+44 (0)1706 360363


For theatre and entertainment markets, Power Bands are a high strength shock cord assembly, having stainless steel, galvanised steel, nylon or aluminium thimble(s) and are bonded with 2 servings of whipping to ensure strength under heavy loads. We  also supply with soft eye terminations, double-whipped or crimped and covered. We can make to customer specifications or drawings, or design suitable Power Bands in consultation with customers.


Power Springs deliver a unique combination of power and load characteristics that offer a high-performance alternative to coiled springs.


From 1.5mm diameter and upwards, Ibex Marina supplies an extensive range of black braided and 3 strand ropes in natural and synthetic yarns, solid and multi-coloured, as well a vast range of assemblies and cut lengths, to stage and theatrical markets.