LURA-IBEX Collaboration

‘Recently, the LURA team had the pleasure of visiting Ibex Marina, where we were graciously treated to a comprehensive tour of their facility. During our visit, we had the invaluable opportunity to witness the intricate assembly process of the Gryphon II recovery system’s riser web, tailored to our specifications.

The experience was nothing short of fascinating for our team, as we delved into the meticulous craftsmanship behind the production of various ropes and shock cords. The expertise displayed by the Ibex Marina team was exemplary, demonstrating a commendable level of professionalism and dedication throughout.

In particular, we were impressed by their willingness to go above and beyond, producing, testing, and assembling a bespoke riser web using their top-tier braided Kevlar rope. Their commitment to delivering excellence was evident at every step of the process, leaving a lasting impression on the LURA team.

We are very excited to put the recovery web into use soon… ‘

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