Technical Shock Cords to British Standards BS 3F70:1991 (Heavy Duty) and BS 3F71:1991 (Light Duty) are key to the product range we offer in aerospace applications.

We also manufacture “Ferrule” (Hook) assemblies to BS 3SP170 and 3SP171 , from “A” to “G” Ferrule sizes, commonly known as SP Assemblies and often NSN coded.

Our products are used extensively in stowing, strapping and holding of equipment, as well as in crew seating and landing gear for shock absorption.

The heavier shock cords are used in target and drone launchers, ejector seat components and arrestor gear, and again a number of these assemblies are NSN coded.

Bespoke assemblies are in service after collaborative work between the Ibex Marina team and the customer, and can vary in batch sizes from 6 off to 5,000 plus.  Our range of end fittings and collective knowledge enables our team to provide novel, cost effective solutions to customers’ problems.

To find out more about our products for the aerospace industry, get in touch with our technical sales team on:

+44 (0)1706 360363