Military and Defence Ropes

British Standard Shock Cords and Shock Cord assemblies are used extensively in defence equipment and wheeled and tracked vehicles.

BS 3F70 and BS 3F71 Shock Cords are incorporated extensively into Ferrule Assemblies to BS 3SP170 and BS3SP171.

Olive drab, camouflage , sand, black, and white are colours we manufacture most military-use cords in.

Ibex Marina also manufactures the range of famous SYC braided cords as well as a very wide range of natural fibre and man-made fibre ropes and cords.

Where our comprehensive range of standard fittings and end termination cannot fulfil the customer’s design we offer a bespoke product service and work closely with the customer to ensure exact fit-for-purpose success.

Our products are used amongst equipment such as camouflage nets, gun covers, bashas, bivouac kit, truck and trailer covers, personal soldier equipment and bergens for lashing, tensioning, holding and controlling. We have an extensive range of NSN coded ropes, cords and assemblies and work closely with the UK MoD and its delivery agents.

  • Ibex Marina Ropes N Cage No. U08N2
  • Whitely Products N Cage No. K5826
To find out more about our products for military markets, get in touch with our technical sales team on:

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